The floating couple

Christine Kahlau and Olaf Garbow I listened to first in a at that time smoky artists` pub in Prenzlauer Berg.

They struck me at once, she with tender robustness, he strangely released and intensively absorbed from his music.

An uneven couple and yet belonging together.

The poems of Christine Kahlau breathe a kind of philosophical calmness that in the face of ups and downs of history show the existence of long-breathing.
My favourite is “irritation” and tells us about the yellow man that she once met.
I will not tell you more. But you should have it recited by her once.

Olaf Garbow is accompagnying Christine Kahlau on different musical instruments, equally professional from different traditions, with recourses deeply inside Asian prairies.
You should listen to this as well.

Should you meet those two once – you will recognize them undoubtedly – pause and let yourself be charmed by one moment.

Andreas Hallbauer, Mai 2011